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Frequently Asked Questions

What sorts of projects have I worked on in the past? 


In the staff training space, I have pitched and single handedly constructed an intern training program for a local boutique travel company. The program was complete with visuals, interactive elements and was largely created through Google Slides for accessibility and ease. 


As far as itineraries, in addition to designing model itineraries through my studies as well as itineraries for my personal travels, I have created trip outlines for clients that have ranged from domestic several day trips focused on food and culture all the way up to three week international trips of the utmost luxury, designed around the use of private jets. 


I have also completed extensive research and draft writing for clients within specific industry sectors such as accommodation. Additionally, I have researched and written material around particular concepts such as micro adventures. 


My favourite projects revolve around challenging the industry norm in a way that generates thinking about how we can do things differently moving forward, in favour of empowering and elevating the experience for travellers. 


What does my process look like? 


Generally, there is a main question or topic my clients want me to address in any given project. With a well rounded approach in mind that touches on different possible angles, I start to develop an outline. As I go along, I fill in that outline with notes based on research as well as my own ideas. My material is always solution focused, rich with insights and suggestions on how the audience can apply what they are reading or learning about to their own experience. 


Once my client has approved of the outline, I move forward with further details in the form of a rough draft. At this point, the outline structure often changes to align with how the material is taking shape. Once again, my client and I touch base before I proceed with the finalized good copy. 

However your business wants to get its message and values across, whether it be through presentation planning, itinerary creation, elearning and more, I am there to support you and collaborate with you from start to finish.


What types of resources do I use? 


This depends on the nature of the assignment. However, clients can be assured that the material I produce can always be traced back to a reliable source which is usually academic, science or government based. Examples of resources that I tend to use regularly include Skift, travel research journals, experience economy experts James Wallman and Joe Pine, and other behavioural science specialists in the travel sector such as Dean MacCannell.  


How long does a project take? 


Once again, this is dependent on the type of assignment. When I project the length of a particular task, I always allow some wiggle room for back and forth correspondence between myself and my client. Other factors that influence the time it takes include what stage the project is already at, how much involvement is needed from my end and if the client already has a set deadline in mind. In short, projects may take anywhere from a week to several months. 


My company uses a specialized platform to conduct this type of work. Are you willing to learn the necessary technology to work with us? 


Yes! I have learned various travel related systems from global distribution systems like Apollo and Sabre to custom company data storage systems. I am a fast learner and will adapt to what is necessary for our work together!

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