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What I Believe

"Travel is life in miniature." - Jaime Kurtz


The travel industry changed my life. It completely changed the trajectory of my career path, the way I lived, the way I perceived others and myself, and it really put things into perspective for me. 

There are so many words that could be used to describe the impact travel has had on my life - euphoric, challenging, eye-opening. I think we are all worthy of experiences like this, and my experiences have inspired me to help travel businesses execute these moments for other people. 

Psychologist Jaime Kurtz says “travel is life in miniature”. I agree wholeheartedly.


Travel is powerful in its ability to simultaneously inspire us and scare us just enough.


As a tourism professional, I don’t take this lightly.


Those of us who work in travel have the immense honour and responsibility of supporting people through some of the most pivotal experiences in their lives.


Through designing thoughtful itineraries and equipping wanderers with the right tools, we can truly honour the human experience and our precious earth. 

When a company believes in what they do, the energy of possibility is palpable. I feel this way about the work I do and it translates through my collaborations with clients.

My three main values:


 Your business deserves fresh ideas and solutions that speak to your brand's purpose. You can expect thought-leading, insightful concepts in any material I produce for you.



Consistency and high quality are of the utmost importance in the work I deliver. You can be assured that you will feel supported and understood as I bring the best possible version of your vision to life.



If you are anything like me you value clarity and openness in collaborations. In addition to hearing you out on all aspects of your ideas, I will meet you where you are at and provide my insights, ideas and opinions when needed. 

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