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Bringing meaning to your business's products and services.

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Intro & pain points

Travel as we once knew it is changing. 

Tourism is rapidly moving from transactional to transformational.
Experiences are shifting from purposeless to purpose-led.

How will your travel business make its mark in the rebirth of the industry? 

Maybe you're...

  • A luxury travel agent worried about how to stay relevant in the age of artificial intelligence

  • An adventure tour operator wanting your itineraries to stand out amongst a sea of options

  • A wellness travel company dreaming of expanding your business in new ways but don't know where or how to start

Target Audience
or maybe you're somewhere in between. 

Together, we can achieve your goals and discover your business's unique value.

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Your business has the potential to...

  • Feel fulfilling for the people who stand behind it

  • Deliver the thoughtful experiences your clients are craving

  • Form sincere partnerships with suppliers you align with

  • Be proud of the way it treats the earth

If you believe travel...

  • Connects us all in meaningful ways

  • Is a catalyst for personal growth 

  • Is crucial for us to make positive impacts as global citizens

Let's talk. 



Have an idea for a book, course, or presentation? Let's collaborate throughout the lifecycle of your vision.


Want to infuse your itineraries with a thoughtful approach? I'll review your current itineraries or create new ones from scratch.


Do you need a well organized training resource for your staff? Let's design one that meets your company's needs. 


Curious about transformational travel and how it can work for your business? Let's talk about your tailor made plan.

100+ hours of client time saved

950+ pages read about purposeful travel

300+ connections across various industry sectors

2,000+ hours studying the industry

....and counting!

Landing About

Hi! I’m Claire. 


After visiting fifteen countries and travelling with five different tour operators, I was acutely aware that the travel industry was missing something major. I just couldn’t put my finger on it.


My studies in Tourism and Travel Services Management in college inspired my decision to bridge the gap between learning logistics and leveraging the innovative potential that the industry has to offer.  


The tourism industry is flush with companies eager to get the next sale. Very few are in tune with what travellers are actually yearning for.


With much trial and error, I finally was able to put words to how I felt about travel: life-changing


This came up in the discovery of concepts like transformational travel and when I recognized the need for and value in helping companies create meaning for their travellers, “Your Travel Analyst” was born. 


Through this space, I help travel businesses enhance the quality of their offerings by creating and elevating projects, products and services that align with their brand. 


It’s time to stop treating travel as simply moving people around the planet and start seeing it for what it has the potential to be: an inherently profound journey. 


Learn more about my travel story here.

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Our Amazing Clients & Collaborators



Claire is everything a passionate travel professional should be. Diligent, organized, enthusiastic!

Jason McGregor | Owner & Travel Curator | Vegan Vacations

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